Connecting students with support resources 

During your time at S&T, you may have a friend or peer who needs help navigating their student experience, facing a challenge, or who is experiencing distress and could benefit from support and connection to resources. You are not alone. We have a dedicated team and numerous resources and services to support you or your student, friend, or peer. ​

Need support? Not sure where to turn?

Navigating support resources can be complex. View our page of resources to help you find your way.

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Joe Miner

Get Educational Insights for Success on Your Phone

Using text messing powered by artificial intelligence, Joe Miner chatbot provides timely information and solicits the voice of our students at scale. Joe Miner helps identify student needs and factors affecting their success. As a liaison, Joe Miner connects students with individualized resources for success. 

Joe Miner Chatbot

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