Joe Miner Chatbot

To enhance your student success and provide new, timely information during this transition, Missouri S&T is offering a new technology called Joe Miner chatbot to all students.

Using text messaging powered by artificial intelligence, Joe Miner chatbot provides timely information and solicits the voice of our students at scale. Joe Miner helps identify student needs and factors affecting their success. As a liaison, Joe Miner connects students with individualized resources for success. 

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  • What’s the Benefit
  • How to Get Connected
  • What to Expect
  • Student Feedback

What’s the Benefit

Through your feedback, we are better able to understand your student experience through four lenses: academic, engagement, financial, and well-being.  Your input helps us devise a more precise student success strategy to support you. 

S&T wants to involve you in the conversation.  To provide a holistic network of support, the S&T community has come together to assist you in a timely, efficient, and meaningful way to enhance your return on investment in your S&T education.

Joe Miner Chatbot Flyer

How to Get Connected

Get connected in one of two ways:

Opt-out at any time #PAUSE 

What to Expect

Using a text-messaging chatbot named Joe Miner, you will be contacted no more than once a week, with new information or questions about your S&T experience.  Simultaneously, you will be connected with tips, resources, and services.

Student Feedback

86% of students enjoyed chatting with Joe Miner

For those responding, we asked what they liked.  These were the primary themes shared.

  1. The opportunity to share feedback and be involved in my own journey to success
  2. The resources and nudges are helpful
  3. Shows that S&T cares about students and gives us a voice
  4. It's fun and entertaining
  5. The convenience of texting a chatbot