Student Support

What is Student Support?

Student Support works to assist students by addressing immediate needs, connecting to appropriate resources, and working to help students navigate barriers to their well-being and success. Student Support provides response to UCARE referrals and connects students with support and resources.

Student Support Services staff assess each student’s needs and provide personalized and solution-focused support by exploring the student's goals, providing support, and connecting them to the resources on campus and within the community best suited to help meet their goals. A successful strategy may include various resources, continuity of care services, and accountability through supportive follow-up.

Confidentiality Notice: Student Support Services staff members are not bound by the same level of confidentiality as the counseling staff.  Student Support staff members are mandated reporters but can refer you to a confidential source like a counselor or student health provider.


  • Assistance navigating the student experience
  • Resource connection
  • Referral services
  • Coordination of care
  • Absence and leave support
  • Access to Emergency Resources like the Student Emergency Fund
  • Coaching and success planning
  • UCARE Support
  • Health insurance can be confusing to navigate, whether you enroll in S&T's Anthem Student Advantage plan or not, please review this helpful information on how to better understand your insurance options.
  • Insurance information and comparisons 

Student Support Scope of Services

Take a moment to review the Student Support Scope of Service